Circular Knitting Machine

Pickwell Circular Knitting machine is a product developed to fulfill the ever growing need of knitted fabrics not only in India but across the globe. Pickwell provides Single Jersey as well as double Jersey machinery for all weaving needs with highest standards. Depending on the cylinder track cam design it produces various high quality patterns with diverse thickness range through arrangement of cams and needles.

A special feature in the fabric rolling system enables cloth to be pulled evenly and reduces the probability of irregular color. It is applicable for processing materials like cotton yarn, blended yarn, silk, artificial fur and chemical fiber of various specifications, high-elastic polyester silk, chemical fiber and so forth.

Its wide application area like sports & leisure wear, swimwear, hosiery wear, automotive fabrics, medical textile etc. makes it a machine worth least investment risk.

Optional Equipment

  • Positive Feeder
  • Lycra Feeder
  • Pump Type Oiler
  • Aluminum Creel
  • Fabric Detectors
  • Fabric Folding Device

Plain Sketch Map (All measurements are in mm)



Features :

  • Produces various patterns
  • Allows diverse thickness range of fabric
  • Flexible Cams & needles arrangement
  • Sturdy Structure
  • High Speed
  • Easy Operation

Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

The machine fits to weave chromspun, single-side cloth, float design cloth, scale cloth, PK cloth, dobby, twill cloth, industrial cloth, color wash cloth and so on. It’s the best machine for making high quality single-side weave.

Diameter Gauge Feeder
30’’ ~ 42’’ 16G ~ 32G 3F-4F-6F/INCH
12’’ ~ 28’’ 16G ~ 32G 3F-4F-6F/INCH

Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

The machine fits to weave twill, air layer, interlayer, padded-bubble, stair cloth, double PK cloth, silk, rib cloth and small jacquard cloth and so on. It’s a double-side machine with the cams transform, convenient, easy, high speed of transform and high efficiency.

It is able to knit 1×1, 2×1, 2×2, rib fabrics, such as sportswear, underwear, cuff, bottom hem, sporting protection items, medical products. It can also weave special fabrics with special design.

Diameter Gauge Feeder
30’’ ~ 34’’ 16G ~ 36G 84F/96F
12’’ ~ 42’’ 16G ~ 32G 2F-2.8F/INCH
30’’ ~ 40’’ 15G ~ 21G 2F/INCH
12’’ ~ 28’’ 16G ~ 32G 2F-2.1F/INCH