Rapier Looms

Built with the latest technology Pickwell Rapier Loom is designed to best fit the weaver’s needs. The machine developed has a rigid structure which allows the process of weaving to be carried out with fine precision and accuracy with reduced vibration.

Pickwell Rapier Loom can be used to weave crude fiber (Cotton, Wool, Silk, Glass fiber), chemical fiber along with blending yarn.

Pickwell provides six color weft selections for exchanging color per weft in addition to being much faster compared to shuttle looms and provides improved unit area output and fabric quality.

Rapiar Looms


  • Faster Execution
  • Fine Precision
  • Accuracy without Vibration
  • Provides Six Color Weft Selection
  • Used to weave crude fiber
  • Easy Operation

Technical Specification

Reed Width cm(inch) 160(64”), 180(72”), 200(78”), 230(90”), 250(98”), 280(110”)
Speed 180 – 210RPM (Working speed depends on fabric Specification)
Weft Selection 6 Colors (Mechanical or Electric)
Yarn Count 20D – 4500D
Diameter of warp beam 600 – 800mm
Diameter of rolling up 400m
Insertion Rate 300 – 400m / min
Motor Power 1.5kW
Rapier Looms