Air Jet Looms

The Plain Air Jet crank shedding machine is mainly used for making plain design fabric. It has an advantage over other weaving machinery in the aspect of high speed, easy operation and adopts an advanced electronic control system in addition to 10 inch touch screen which shows the loom running status, error analysis, parameter setting etc.for easy operation and monitoring the running situation thus, improving working efficiency and fabric quality.

The machine can be equipped with electronic dobby, electronic jacquard to produce plain, twill, satin designs.

Air Jet Looms Features


  • Advanced Electronic Control System
  • Sturdy Structure with 10 inch touch screen
  • Error & Status analysis & parameter setting
  • High Speed
  • Easy Operation

Technical Specification

Reed Width 170cm – 420cm
Colors 2 to 16 colors
Filling Insertion Rate 2,500m / min max
Speed 650 – 1100RPM (Working speed depends on fabric Specification)
Power 2.2 ~ 3.5kW