Electronic Jacquard

Pickwell is India’s leading high speed electronic jacquard manufacturer and has a specially dedicated and committed team to customize the machine as per customer requirement. We manufacture all types of automated jacquard machines in highly advanced manufacturing facilities to weave numerous fabric quality such as flat fabrics, design fabrics, curtains, rugs, terry, saree, shawls, blankets, stolls and many more. These electronic jacquard machine are easily synchronized with power loom machine, rapier machine, airjet machine and waterjet machine.

Pickwell has a well-established network of sales across various parts of India such as Surat, Varanasi, Belgaum, Bangalore, Panipat, Selam etc.


  • Significantly reduced design change over time hence increase productivity and reduces development time.
  • High Compatibility with power loom and high speed rapier loom.
  • Supports endless picks of design
  • Compatible with all types of design formats and platforms like: .bmp, .ep, .jc5, .pat, .upt.etc.
  • High Speed USB port for quick design uploads.
  • High performance and optimization achieved by microcontroller based design and programming.
  • Advanced drive mechanism to achieve maximum shedding and longer life of the jacquard.
  • High performing solenoid valves with automated switching technology to eliminate excess heating and reduced power consumption.
  • In-Build feature to provide cut length to eliminate tedious length measurement process for cutting.
  • Heavy and Robust Design to minimize vibration.
  • Touch Screen display optional to view design during installation and working.
  • Working knifes made of aluminum alloy with special heat treatment to be used for lifetime.

Technical Specification

Hooks 640, 672, 960, 1056, 1152, 1248, 1344, 1440, 1536, 2688, 3072
Module Type Modue Type M5 with quick link insertion
Frame Strucure Alloy Steel
Shedding Cross Shedding up to 110 mm
Drive Through Chain, Timing Belt or Shaft
Speed Up to 375 RPM
Compatibiity Power Loom , Rapier Loom
Operation Simple and user friendly design
Handling Easy to hand and remove harness
Lubrication Grease Lubrication
Maintenance Nominal maintenance due to bearings at all rotating components.
Electronic Jacquard